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Why should I do a Google Street View tour for my business?

Gone are the days of unresponsive virtual tours of yesteryear. The Google Maps Street View tour is created by similar technology used in the Google Maps app. Arrows pointing along pathways allow the user to ‘walkthrough’ your business and get a sense of what it’s really like to be there.

I’d rather have a virtual tour on my own website rather than my Google page

A virtual tour is only useful if someone sees it. If you’re not getting any traffic to your site, shooting a non-Google tour for your site isn’t the best use of your advertising budget. The good news is that getting a virtual tour for your Google page increases your exposure. Google gets a billion unique visitors to it’s search page and over 40 million unique visitors to Google Maps. Those visitors will most likely find your business on Google, rather than seeking you out directly

Actually my website gets a lot of traffic, and I’d still like a virtual tour on it.

The great thing about getting a Google Street View virtual tour is that you can embed it on to your own website! Even better, it’s customizable so the width and height can be modified to fit any space on your site. You can have a virtual tour on BOTH your Google page and your business website.

Are there any monthly fees?

No. Your tour will be hosted on your Google My Business page at no charge. This is actually one of the best features of the Google Street View tour. And because Google is constantly improving user experience, they often do software updates and new feature implementation on the back end. This means your tour will always have he latest and greatest technology offered by Google.



Carl is formerly a post production coordinator for A. Smith & Co. (production company that brought you Hell’s Kitchen, American Ninja Warrior). He is one of the original 35 photographers in the Google Street View | Trusted program since the second iteration began in 2011.

In Carl achieved the 2012 Excellence in Quality Award for Photography from the Google program. Most recently, on January 29, 2014 Google awarded Carl with it’s most prestigious award – 2013 Photographer of the Year (United States and Canada).

Acknowledged by Google for his excellence in the beginning iterations of the Street View trusted program, he was awarded the Google platinum photographer designation within two months of program launch. Winner of 24 Google awards.

In addition to helping clients and mentoring peers, Carl has visited the Google Mountain View campus several times to consult with the photos management and QC team on how to improve the program.